Stonefields heritage farm wedding

The reception took place in the main building, where the chandeliers and wooden interior created a warm fuzzy vibe to the event. In my usual signature style, ambient light was used instead of flash whenever possible, this allowed me to capture the romantic feeling that the couple wanted on their wedding day.

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Engagement session- beautiful Ottawa Arboretum

Few things bring me more joy than seeing two people who are completely in love, and aren't afraid to show it for the cameras. That's what I captured with Stefania and Shane, using the beautiful arboretum as the perfect backdrop, the photos are absolutely stunning.

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Destination wedding in Dominican Republic

...I got to take a break from the harsh Canadian winter in the Dominican Republic! I photographed a beautiful wedding, met incredible people, enjoyed the ocean breeze in my hair, warm sun on my face, while sipping on a Pina Colada... did i mention that I love my job? ...

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Beautiful wedding at Loch March golf and country club

What a location! This is among the most beautiful venues in Ottawa. Wedding photos are wonderful at Loch March, especially with the pristine golf course as the backdrop.

Anastasia got ready for her big day at the Brookstreet hotel, and I got some amazing shots.

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Wedding at the Canadian Museum of Nature

All photographers know that golden hour is the best time of the day to take photos. The light is warm and soft, which is in sharp contrast to the harsh white light coming from overhead in the middle of the day.

Starting from the Canadian Museum of Nature, we head over to Major Hill's park just before sunset to catch the perfect light.

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Finding homes for dogs

Dogs, people love dogs. What's sad is that dogs are taken into shelters everyday, and many are still looking for homes, so I decided to help dogs look for their forever homes using my skills as a photographer.

What I, and many of you probably have noticed, is that dog profile photos on shelter websites are usually unflattering, often with bright scary red eyes from unimaginative angles. A good first impression can change everything, and this is especially important for dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted, because the alternative is often euthanasia. Using my skills as a photographer, I'm working with Elderdog Canada ( to create attractive profile photos for elderly dogs, so they can be adopted as soon as possible, and live out the rest of their lives in peace.


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Engagement session at a gorgeous farm

Engagement session are a great way to get to know each other before the wedding. One of the most important aspects of good wedding photography is establishing a rapport with the couple, so that on the big day everyone is comfortable with each other, and the photos will turn out that much more natural.


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