Finding homes for dogs

our Best friend

Dogs, people love dogs. What's sad is that dogs are taken into shelters everyday, and many are still looking for homes, so I decided to help dogs look for their forever homes using my skills as a photographer.

What I, and many of you probably have noticed, is that dog profile photos on shelter websites are usually unflattering, often with bright scary red eyes from unimaginative angles. A good first impression can change everything, and this is especially important for dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted, because the alternative is often euthanasia. Using my skills as a photographer, I'm working with Elderdog Canada ( to create attractive profile photos for elderly dogs, so they can be adopted as soon as possible, and live out the rest of their lives in peace.

Sammy is a sweet little guy who found his forever home in Nova Scotia soon after I took his photos. Obviously there is no denying his good looks, but I'd like to think I helped a little.


This week I took photos for Roxy, a German Sheppard mix. She's very energetic despite being almost 11 years old. I hope she finds a home very soon!

Look at her go!