A grand wedding... at Liberty Grand Toronto.

Wedding venues come in all styles and sizes, from the intimate backyard or barn wedding to what we are talking about today, a grand wedding to say the least. As a wedding photographer based in Ottawa, more often than not I'm shooting at a comparably smaller venue. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore photographing at places like Orchard view, Loch March, and Stonefields, but Liberty Grand was a great chance to experience something different, and an opportunity to sharpen my skills in diverse settings.  

The day started with the bride and groom prep at the Grand Hotel and Suites, followed by a limo ride to Liberty Grand, where the ceremony and reception took place. One of the most memorable moments was the father/daughter, bride/groom dance, where the enormous chandeliers dimmed and spot lights beamed down at them, perfectly highlighting that fairytale-esque moment.